Serving Children’s Oral Health with Pediatric Dentistry

According to the American Dental Association, children should see the dentist regularly just six months after they get their first tooth. This way, we can ensure good oral health from the start. We can also prevent costly, painful dental issues through excellent pediatric dentistry.

In order to maintain your children’s oral health, you’ll need to take them to a dentist who understands how they develop. That’s where Agave Dental comes in. We work with you to ensure your children have the quality, age-appropriate care and education they need to stay healthy.

We’re committed to your children’s health and comfort from their very first visit. Not only do we guarantee quality dental care, but we use only child-friendly, positive communication with our pediatric patients in a supportive environment.

How to Prepare for a Successful First Visit

Two Dentist with Child Patient

With our team of dental experts, you can ensure that your child’s first visit to the dentist is a successful one. Together, we can help your child see dental care in a positive light and understand the importance of oral health.

First, avoid using words that suggest pain to your child, like “hurt,” “drill,” and “shot.” We take the time to explain to your child what will happen during their visit for their clarity and comfort.

Also, accept that temporary anxiety and negative behavior over visiting the dentist is normal for children. We’re experienced in managing these issues and putting children at ease. And while you’re welcome to be present during
your child’s treatment, research has shown that children over 3 tend to respond more positively when parents refrain from doing so.

What to Expect During the First Visit

The dental care your child receives depends in part on his/her age and ability to cooperate. When possible, we examine your child’s teeth and bite to monitor their development. With digital x-rays that we use for your and
your child’s safety, we check for unerupted teeth, and diagnose any dental issues like cavities and infections. Click here for more information about digital x-rays.

Then, we clean, polish, and, when appropriate, apply a fluoride treatment. We follow this with education on good oral health habits, and we discuss behaviors such as thumb-sucking and pacifier use that may be concerning you.